How To Start Your Own Food Business

If you have a passion for creating new dishes and having people enjoy the food you make, why not start making money for doing what you love? There are many ways a food lover can take their love of food and turn it into a business.

The first thing you can do to get your food to customers is to try selling a few dishes from mall kiosks. Kiosks allow you to prepare and serve food on demand while still being small enough for a small team of people to run. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door of the restaurant business and to make money. Kiosks do exceptionally well in malls with food courts, even more so than restaurants, so it’s definitely something you could look into to. If you’re successful, you could even start a franchise of these kiosks selling your food in different locations.

If you want to start even smaller, a food delivery business could work for you. This works best if you already know a few people that love your cooking and would pay for some homemade meals delivered to their door. You could advertise in your local Facebook groups with a set menu that they can order from and then deliver them each day at a fee. It won’t make you rich, but it can definitely earn you a full time living if you get the word out enough. The reputation you build from doing this will also count in your favor if you do decide to expand into bigger business ventures like starting a kiosk or even your own restaurant. Don’t be afraid to try this, there’s really nothing to lose with food delivery businesses.